Nancy Hamel (Nhi)

The word biophilia originates from the Greek, 'philia' meaning 'love of'. It means a love of life or living things. Humans have a deeply ingrained love of nature which is an intuitive and natural drive imprinted into our DNA.

Biophilia is a short film that explores the natural world and the ways it can bring peace and calm. It highlights the importance of taking a break to appreciate the simple things in life. After having a difficult year, being in nature was the perfect opportunity to recharge and reconnect. The beautiful scenery of nature encourages viewers to take time out and enjoy the world around them.

Biophilia by Nancy Hamel Nhi, Song: The Theory Of Nature, Music composed and performed by Jean Martin, Sound engineering by Luc Boivin, Recorded at Studio Redtube, 2022

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